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Q: What Do I Need to Know About Menoquil?

A: Menoquil is designed to relieve all symptoms associated with menopause. It does so using a blend of natural botanicals that work quickly but safely, having been thoroughly tested in clinical and scientific studies.

Q: Who can Use Menoquil?

A: Menoquil was made to help women at all stages of menopause from perimenopause right through to post menopause. While menopause usually occurs for most women in their 50s, women as young as 35 may experience symptoms of perimenopause.

Q: What is Perimenopause, Exactly?

A: Perimenopause, which can start when a woman is in her 30s, refers to the time leading up to menopause. While perimenopause will be experienced differently by all women, it can last anywhere between two to eight years and is ‘officially’ over when a woman has gone an entire year without having had a period. As with menopause, perimenopausal women can experience a whole range of symptoms, the most common being hot flashes, vaginal dryness and night sweats.

Q: How Will I Know When I’m Post-Menopausal?

A: Most women will see a decline in many of the major menopausal symptoms once they’re post-menopausal although they may not disappear altogether. Again, every woman experiences this time in life differently and while some many only have post-menopausal symptoms for a year, for others it can be much longer. Because hormone levels will remain low, women are still at risk for a number of different health conditions including osteoporosis, heart disease and issues with their sexual health. Not addressing these issues post-menopause may lead to several heath complications as the woman enters her senior years.

Q: What’s in Menoquil?

A: Menoquil is comprised of a blend of natural ingredients that have all undergone clinical testing for purity, safety and effectiveness. We selected only the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer for a proprietary formula that addresses a wide range of menopause symptoms without relying on any harmful chemicals or additives. To See the Full Menoquil Ingredient List, Click Here.

Q: How Many Menoquil Tablets are in Each Bottle?

A: There are 120 Menoquil tablets per bottle for a one-month supply.

Q: What is the Recommended Menoquil Daily Dosage?

A: We suggest that you take 4 Menoquil tablets per day for best results. The first two tablets are to be taken about 15 minutes before breakfast and the second dose of two should be taken approximately one hour before bed.

Q: Does Menoquil have a Money Back Guarantee?

A: All orders of Menoquil are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you need to return your bottle of Menoquil simply contact our customer service department for a Return Authorization Number, mail us the unused portion and you’ll receive a full refund, less the cost of shipping. If multiple bottles were purchased in one order, send us back the sealed bottles in a condition suitable for resale. See our full money back guarantee policy by clicking here.

Q: How Long Does Menoquil Take to Start Working?

A: We designed Menoquil to begin working quickly, relieving your worst symptoms as soon as possible. While most women will experience relief in as little as 10-14 days, it may take longer for others depending on their age, general health and the stage of menopause that they’re in when they start taking the product. This variation is normal with any natural health supplement.

Q: Is there anything I can do to get even Better Results from Menoquil?

A: While Menoquil is an effective standalone product, even better results can be experienced when you use it as part of the MENO RELIEF SYSTEM™. This system is a powerful combination of Menoquil and Progesteril, our topical menopause symptom relief cream. By working synergistically, Menoquil and Progesteril have multiple benefits for women at all stages of menopause, helping to regulate hormone levels and thereby relieving numerous menopause symptoms. They even ensure that the health of the bones is protected, reducing the risk of developing the degenerative bone disease osteoarthritis For more information about the Meno Relief System, click here.

Q: Can Menoquil Help with My Menopause-Related Weight Gain?

A: Many women find that they gain weight more easily during the menopause period due to the fluctuation in hormone levels. Because Menoquil regulates these levels, some women find that they not only don’t gain weight but may even lose weight. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine during this time will also contribute to successful weight management.

Q. Can I Safely Take Menoquil with My Other Medications?

A: We always recommend that you talk to your doctor before taking any supplement, especially if you’re already taking prescription medications or have a serious health condition. Because it is a natural product, Menoquil is unlikely to interact adversely with any other products, but you should always check with your doctor first.

Q: Where is Menoquil Made?

A: Menoquil is made in the USA. Our facility is FDA inspected and we follow all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines. This ensures every Menoquil tablet has undergone stringent quality control and that it adheres to our highest standards for safety, purity and effectiveness.

Q. Does Menoquil Contain any Harmful Ingredients?

A: You won’t find any harmful ingredients, fillers, chemicals or additives in Menoquil. We’ve selected the best ingredients including Black Cohosh, Chaste Berry, Wild Yam Root and Red Clover which work synergistically to provide natural relief for all your menopausal symptoms. All Menoquil ingredients are FDA approved and Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).

Q: What Happens if I Stop Taking Menoquil?

A: Although you won’t experience any harmful effects if you decide to stop taking Menoquil, you should be aware that the benefits will diminish, and your symptoms may return. For this reason, we highly recommend that you continue to take the product on a regular basis, to ensure you get through every stage of menopause in the healthiest way possible.

Q: Have the Ingredients in Menoquil Undergone Testing?

A: Yes, all the ingredients used in Menoquil have been thoroughly tested in independent clinical studies.

Q: Will it Say ‘Menoquil’ on the Package I Receive?

A: Absolutely not! We respect your privacy and, as such, ship all Menoquil orders from our distribution center in plain boxes and envelopes.

Q: Who Will the Charge be to on My Credit Card?

A: The charge on your credit card statement will be to iHealth Fulfillment, not Menoquil.

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