The Science – How Menoquil Works

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Even though menopause is a natural time in every woman’s life, it isn’t always easy. In fact, most women going through menopause will experience at least one or two of the most common symptoms, with some women getting hit by a whole variety. While there are certainly advantages of menopause such as freedom from menstruation and the often distressing effects of PMS, menopausal symptoms can severely affect the quality of life and may last for years, from perimenopause right through to post-menopause.

Natural Menopause Relief Fast

Many women going through menopause may have been offered standard treatments for symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, vaginal dryness, low libido and weight gain. While Hormone Replacement Therapy was once widely used to reduce these symptoms – and was usually successful – it is now considered risky and the cause of several adverse health conditions. Because of this, many women, and even some doctors, prefer to consider more natural approaches to the reduction of menopause symptoms.

When you’re looking for a way to find relief from your menopausal symptoms you want something that works quickly and, of course, safely. While Menoquil does both, you may still be wondering exactly how it works. You’ve read the reviews, seen the ingredient list and know that it adheres to all safety regulations, but before you take the plunge, you need to know more. So, let us enlighten you!

Menoquil uses an innovative blend of natural ingredients that have been developed to specifically target all symptoms of menopause. By selecting the purest, most potent extracts available, our clinically proven formula provides fast relief for women at all stages of menopause.

We developed our formula to work on ALL symptoms of menopause, not just one or two. Why? Because every woman is different and while one may get hot flashes and night sweats, another may suffer from terrible anxiety, vaginal dryness or weight gain. With more than 12 active ingredients, the Menoquil formula has you covered for whatever symptoms you’re experiencing and it does so in a way that is 100% safe for long-term use – we only use pharmacy grade, pure ingredients and never rely on chemicals, additives or unnecessary fillers in our formula. This guarantees that when you take Menoquil you’ll experience all the numerous benefits with no unpleasant side effects.

Menoquil works in several ways to provide full menopausal symptom relief:

  • Reduces the frequency of hot flashes and night sweats
  • Works on both the physical and emotional effects of menopause
  • Reduces estrogen dominance for optimal hormonal balance
  • Addresses bone health by improving bone mineral density
  • Prevents menopause-related weight gain

How Does Menoquil Work on So Many Different Symptoms?

Most women expect to experience some symptoms as they enter menopause but many are surprised, and upset, by just how severe and unsettling they can be. Symptoms of menopause can occur in women as young as 35 who are already in the perimenopausal stage – hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, fatigue, low libido, reduced energy levels, mood swings and anxiety can all take their toll and lead to a drastically reduced quality of life. Given the fact that, from beginning to end, women can be in menopause for many years, it’s not surprising that they want fast, effective relief as soon as possible!

For this reason, we ensured that every ingredient included in Menoquil’s formula is in its optimal concentration, so it starts to work from the very first dose. Not only that, but each one has been clinically studied and proven effective in reducing even the worst symptoms of menopause. One of the key ingredients in Menoquil is Black Cohosh, known to be highly effective in the reduction of hot flashes, probably the most common symptom experienced during menopause. Black Cohosh has undergone extensive clinical testing and is now known to be just as effective, and safer, than estrogen patches for some women.

Why is It Important to Balance Hormones?

Even though there are many different symptoms associated with menopause ranging from the physical to the psychological, they are all caused by one major factor – hormonal imbalance.

Increase Estrogen Levels

Because menopause is triggered when a woman’s estrogen levels decline, throwing off the ratio of estrogen and progesterone, it is only natural that other sources of estrogen are introduced to redress the balance. However, whereas HRT once filled this role, most women now prefer to use natural sources such as from the phytoestrogens found in some key Menoquil ingredients. Because phytoestrogens such as soy isoflavones and wild yam, both contained in the Menoquil formula, have an effect on the body that is similar to natural estrogen, hormonal balance is restored and, in turn, symptoms are relieved. In fact, one study carried out on soy isoflavones showed that participants experienced a 45% reduction in hot flashes over a 12-week period; clinical trials conducted on the benefits of wild yam resulted in a 27% increase in estrogen levels among test subjects. With statistics like this, it’s easy to see why we included it in the Menoquil formulation!

Menoquil Reduces Menopause-related Weight Gain

In addition to the upsetting and distressing symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats and anxiety, many women are devastated to find that they gain extra weight during this time. Often accumulating in the abdomen area, weight gain that occurs in menopause can exacerbate a low mood and feelings of anxiety, understandably so when you consider that it often happens even if the woman is eating a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis.

Increase The Energy

To help deal with this unwelcome weight gain, we included two vital, scientifically proven ingredients in the Menoquil formula – green tea leaf extract and guggul gum resin extract. While the former ingredient is already well-known for its ability to naturally boost energy levels thanks to its caffeine content, studies have also shown that it’s highly beneficial in promoting fat burning, increasing the metabolism and burning calories; the result is a lower body mass, less body fat and a reduced risk of obesity. As for guggul gum resin extract, scientists have discovered, through a series of studies, that it may break down fat cells in the body and discourage new ones from forming, contributing to an overall slimmer, toned physique even during menopause.

No other natural menopause supplement provides so many benefits as Menoquil – by addressing both physical and emotional aspects of menopause, women find that they can go from perimenopause right through to post-menopause with their quality of life intact, allowing them to fully enjoy this most liberating time. The menopause ‘change of life’ doesn’t have to be a change for the worse! When you take Menoquil on a regular basis, you’re not only dealing with your current symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness, but protecting against unhealthy weight gain, bone mineral loss and cognitive function issues. In other words, with Menoquil on your side, you’ll emerge from menopause as a healthy, vibrant woman who is ready to enjoy everything life has to offer!